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There are two common approaches you can take with your first blog post. This is one of the most critical things you’ll come to learn when figuring out how to start a blog.

The first is to use your first post as an introduction to your blog and what you’re setting out to do.

The second is to jump right into your content as if you’ve been doing it for years.

There are pros and cons to each one, but my favorite is the second option because it gives you a better chance of writing something that will potentially get traffic over time, rather than something that gets buried on your site, never to be seen again.

For example, if you’re starting a food blog, and your first blog post is an “about me” style introduction to your blog and why you’re getting started, eventually that post will get buried underneath all the recipes you publish.

But if you just get right to the point and make your first blog post a recipe on something like chicken and rice casserole, that post can eventually get traffic for a long time, whether that’s from Google, Pinterest, etc.

Put it this way: your intro post won’t do much for your bottom line, but getting to the actual content can help you create something that can potentially stick around and get traffic and income.

When friends or family ask me what their first blog post should be, I tell them to act like they’ve been there before: save the intro for your about me page and get right down to business.

First blog post ideas

Whether you start with an introduction or get right into the type of content you’ll be creating, below you’ll find a few ideas on what to write to make your first post a success.

Whatever you write about, remember the most important thing is that this is the official start of you committing to blogging.

It matters less what you write about and more that you’re sitting down, writing and publishing a post.

You’re going through the process for the first of (hopefully) many times, and it’s a good feeling to finally get something out there at all.

So don’t get hung up on coming up with the best ideas: focus on getting something up and live.

Your first blog post as an introduction

Although I don’t love this route, using your first post as an intro can be a nice quick win under your belt.

It can be hard to jump right into the meat of your blog content, but posting a 300-word intro to your blog is pretty easy.

So if you’re about getting quick wins and building momentum, it can make sense to go with an intro for your first post.

If you’re going this route, remember the basics: who, what, why, where, how, when.

You can address all these areas and more in your intro post without going overboard.

Who: give a quick intro on who you are, your background, your interests and anyone else that might be relevant to your blog, like family.

What: describe what your blog will be – this is good practice as a blogger, but it also helps build expectations for anyone who sees your first post.

Do you focus on recipes? Videos? How-to tutorials?

Let your readers know what they’re getting into with your blog.

Why: a lot of first blog posts describe the genesis of their blog. Maybe it’s to get their creative ideas out into the world, or maybe it’s to help the blogger organize their own ideas and projects.

Whatever it is, readers often like to see the reasons behind bloggers bein’ bloggers.

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