to bathe in a bubbly bath

your bathwater is waiting

You have been cordially invited to take bathing to another level! Invitation bubbly bath was created with you in mind. Step out from stress, worry, tension, pain and hassle; and in to a warm sensational relaxing bath. We invite you to take the time out and bathe in a pure organic luxury bubbly bath. Invitation is made from 100% organic oils such as coconut, olive, argan, jojoba and hemp. Invitation will leave your skin silky soft and smooth. Our bottle is designed with a ombré tassel that holds a beaded golden love key and a floral wrapped mini envelope.

Invitation is scented with fresh goji berries and just bloomed lilies.
60 oz 1840 mL

On the back of Invitation bubbly bath there's a woman who has entered her sanctuary via the key of love. She walks upstairs towards her already drawn bubbly bath that awaits her.