hybrid tea rose-crossbreed 12 oz

creamy tea roses, this is our rendition of a cloud and a beautiful tea rose flower

Take bathing to another level with these 20 beautiful handmade creamy white tea rose soap flowers, each flower is accented with a lovely sweet rose scent & beautifully placed in a glass vase. The strap is 100% leather, accented with diamond-like snaps.


"Wet skin and/or washcloth, hand, loofah, sponge, etc. Place flower, stem, and grass onto wet skin, then rub to create lather. Lather up and enjoy your wash. For added relaxation place flowers in bathwater and pour in one of our skin soothing naturally made bath cleansers to create your own oasis. We hope you take great pleasure in this product."


Key Ingredients: (flowers/leaves) organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, organic shea butter, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, natural rosemary extract, food grade colorants and fragrance


Vanilla Calabaza

Pom Posey


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