The Bloom Box of soap flowers is one of a kind. These assortments of unique flowers rest in a beautiful handmade case that’s wrapped in golden brown jute. The interior of the Bloom Box is lined with a mudcloth inspired 100% cotton fabric with a lovely black and white tribal arrow design. 

In addition, these soap flowers are organic & vegan! The Bloom box has a sturdy metal arrow handle and 100% leather straps that compliments the beautiful flowers that it holds inside. This box of soap flowers will be a wonderful gift for anyone or a great gift for yourself! Fill wt. 1lb Dimensions: 8.5″x2.75″x5″  

Bloom Box


The Bloom Box carries an assortment of many unique and absolutely stunning soap flowers that are so real to life. The Bloom Box comes with:

  • 5 green and brown eucalyptus stems 
  • 4 lavender flowers
  • 4 cream color tea roses with dark leaves
  • 2 cream color dahlias 
  • 2 apricot color Juliet roses
  • 2 blush colored pompoms
  • 1 floral green and white hydrangea flower ball
  • 1 peach color avalanche flower
  • 1 orangish peach color cinnamon rose
  • 1 soft peach finesse rose with greenish outer petals
  • 1 orange peachy pink campanella rose
  • 1 creamy yellow with pink inner highlights chrysanthemum
  • 1 cluster of bright white Queen Anne’s Lace


Wet skin and/or washcloth, hand, loofah, sponge, etc. Place flower, stem, and grass onto wet skin, then rub to create lather. Lather up and enjoy your wash. For added relaxation place flowers in bathwater and pour in one of our skin soothing naturally made  bath cleansers to create your own oasis. We hope you take great pleasure in this product.


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Key Ingredients: (flowers/leaves) organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, organic shea butter, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil & natural rosemary extract.