bathe in nature's beauty

About us

We are two east coast best friends (Kay & Kris) that absolutely love flowers and making soaps here at Salsola Kali. We love all flowers that grace our eyes from the many different unique shades, from the brightest of yellows to the darkest of blacks and all the wonderful colors in between. Our soaps are in essence of beautiful nature.  We decided to put our two loves together to create beautiful colorful flowers that are 100 percent soap; along with other unique nature-themed products.

The Love


We love all things nature here at Salsola Kali. We love animals, flowers and long hot bubbly baths. So we decided why can’t we have both! So Voilà there you have it  We invite you to take time out for you, come bathe in nature’s beauty here at We hope you enjoy your time here and we especially hope you enjoy our products!